Paternity Matters

The filing of a paternity lawsuit is necessary in order:

  • For a father to establish a parent/child relationship with a child born out-of-wedlock that is recognized by law
  • To establish parental responsibility for a child born out-of-wedlock
  • For a father to obtain the right to exercise a timesharing schedule with a child born out-of-wedlock
  • To resolve disputes regarding child support

When establishing the paternity of a child, it is important to seek comprehensive legal representation, as there are many things that must be decided upon once paternity is determined, such as time-sharing and child support.

Whether you are a mother seeking to prove the paternity of your child in order to receive child support, a father who wishes to establish paternity in order to gain the right to partake in time-sharing with the child, or a father who wishes to dispute paternity, our legal team can assist you.


In the State of Florida, under Florida Statutes Section 742.011, any woman who is pregnant or has a child, any man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child, or any child may bring proceedings in the circuit court, in chancery (Family Court), to determine the paternity of the child when paternity has not been established by law or otherwise.

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